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Barangay Canduman
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Welcome to our barangay!

It gives us great pleasure to offer our virtual office as a place to learn about our barangay, from its history to what we can offer you right now.

Thank you for taking your time and God Bless!

About us

Many years ago, there lived a certain man named Oman who owned a big piece of land. He was a well to do person and a very generous one too.

Everyone went to the place where Oman lived. He became popularly known by the townsfolk. So when they were asked who’s land they were in or where they’d come from, it became common answer, “Iyahang yuta ni ni kang Undo Oman,” (This land is owned by Sir Oman, or I came from Sir Oman’s place). When the Americans came, they asked whose land was this. The natives replied, “Kang Do Oman”. “Ah,” replied the soldier, “Candoman”. So that was how it got its name.

Total Population 19,157 as of June 2007
Total Land Area N/A
Fiesta date 1st Saturday of August
Patron Saint Nativity of Mary
No. of Sitio 7
List of Sitios Zone 1 - Bombil, Zone 2 - Fleurdelis, Zone 3 - Banderas de España,
Zone 4 - Orchids, Zone 5 - Santan, Zone 6 - Gumamela,
Zone 7 - Birds of Paradise

Calendar of Activities
Barangay's latest schedule of activities.

List of Registered Businesses
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Contact Us
Barangay Canduman, Mandaue City 6014, Cebu Philippines

Contact No(s).: Tel. 422-1301, Fax. 032-4221301

For inquiries, feedback or comments please kindly send it to us via our form below.

Stay informed and follow us

Barangay Officials
Jabas, Leo Ceniza
Barangay Captain
Jabas, Bryle
SK Chairman
Zanoria, Wilmer Oplado
Barangay Councilor
Borbajo, Dante Arcilla
Barangay Councilor
Antolinao, Cecilia Pilapil
Barangay Councilor
Zanoria, Marjurie Lourince Edollantes
Barangay Councilor
Zanoria, Dalmacio Jr. Suson
Barangay Councilor
Dy, Cesar Jantillan
Barangay Councilor
Suico, Elvin Jerusalem
Barangay Councilor
Magale, Kirby
SK Councilor
Malazarte, Fatima
SK Councilor
Padayao, Len Marie
SK Councilor
Cena, John Pierre
SK Councilor
Monilar, Johm Riel
SK Councilor
Ycong, Shiara
SK Councilor
Peresores, Alberto
SK Councilor


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